Why Sell Your Vehicle For Cash | Auburn, NY
If you're thinking about purchasing a new car or want to get rid of your old one, come see us at Fox Subaru in AuburnNew York. We're happy to accept your trade-in, or we'll even buy your current ride for cash - no purchase needed! Here are a few of the top reasons why you should trade or sell your vehicle to our dealership.

Two options: cash or trade-in

If you'd like to purchase a new Subaru from us or drive home in one of our many high-quality used vehicles, you can trade in your old car to Fox Subaru. We'll assess its value, apply it to the cost of the new vehicle you want, and get the financing finalized - all in the same day!  If you'd prefer to buy elsewhere or you're not planning to get a replacement vehicle, we'll also be happy to give you cash for your car. Either way, you can expect a fair, fast, and easy process at Fox Subaru.

Eliminate the risk

Letting us buy your vehicle is much safer and more trustworthy than trying to sell it yourself to a private buyer. Selling privately can be dangerous, especially if you'll be meeting up with strangers who express interest in your vehicle. And even if you avoid danger in those situations, you could still be vulnerable to fraud - or to a lawsuit if the buyer encounters problems with your vehicle after purchasing it. However, when you sell or trade with Fox Subaru, you won't have to worry about any of that. Our dealership has a reputation for being trustworthy and honest in our business dealings. Check our reviews for proof!

Save time and avoid hassles

Trading or selling through our Subaru dealership involves far less time and hassle than trying to do all the work yourself. Instead of advertising your vehicle for sale, negotiating the price, dealing with paperwork, and collecting payment, you can just let us do these time-consuming tasks for you.

To learn more about how to trade or sell your vehicle at Fox Subaru, get in touch with our helpful sales team. We look forward to buying from you!


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