Get The Best Tire For Your Subaru in Auburn, NY

Having a set of four healthy tires is crucial for getting the most out of your Subaru here in Auburn New York. The experts at the Fox Subaru Tire Center are here to help, and that's why we make it easier to choose the right tires for your vehicle.

When you shop for new tires at Fox Subaru, you'll have your pick of the best brands as well as a wide range of styles and options. One of our experts will identify some of your best options for you in our showroom, but coming it with an idea of what you may need will help you make the decision that's best for your Subaru.

What Subaru model do you drive?

One of the first things to keep in mind is that unless you drive the rear-wheel-drive BRZ, your Subaru is standard with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Whether you drive the sporty WRX, the bold Crosstrek, or the family-friendly Outback, you'll need tires that provide proper traction for all four wheels.

Despite this similarity, each Subaru vehicle has its own unique needs. For example, the Impreza will have different requirements from a larger vehicle like the Ascent. This is reflected in factors like tire size, performance categories, speed ratings, and load ranges.

Ultimately, picking the right set for your Subaru comes down to how you tend to drive as much as anything else. If you love the performance of the WRX above all else, you may want to consider streetable track and competition tires. Do you regularly take your Subaru Forester off-road? Think about all-terrain tires that work on the streets of Auburn as well as they do the trail.

Your needs for driving in Auburn, NY

Another major factor to consider is where you're doing the bulk of your driving. Because Auburn is usually moderate in climate, all-season tires typically cover most driving needs here. However, you may also want to consider swapping in cold weather tires when the temperature drops in the winter or summer tires for zestier performance when things warm up.

How often you drive, where you do the most driving (i.e., cities, highways, uneven roads, etc.), and what kind of experience you want when you drive - these are all important considerations when shopping for new tires for your Subaru.

Given all the options you have at Fox Subarugetting new tires can seem overwhelming. But at Fox Subaru in Auburn, NY, our job is to make you feel at ease. If you're ready for a new set of four tires, contact the Subaru Tire Store. We'll make sure your purchase is covered by our Subaru 24-Month Tire Protection Plan.


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